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Our Story

A Rich Heritage in Farming

Established in 1901, AS Green has a long and esteemed history rooted in farming. The journey began when Maud Sylvester and her family relocated from Essex to Worcestershire, embarking on a new chapter in agriculture. Maud's marriage into the Green family, whose lineage extends back over two centuries in Ombersley, marked the beginning of a legacy.


In 1957, the Green family moved to Rook Row Farm in Mathon, where our business still stands today, nestled beneath the majestic Malvern Hills. Our location boasts fertile clay loam soils that require careful and skilled management. Here, the Green family achieved a remarkable milestone by introducing Runner Beans to this region of Herefordshire. This pioneering spirit extended to cultivating other crops such as Broad Beans, alongside a thriving livestock enterprise.

Planted field


- 1990s

In 2003, recognizing the need for expansion and greater control over our destiny, Andrew Green and his wife Caroline, who had joined the company full-time, expanded the growing area and packing capacity. This expansion coincided with the introduction of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques and stringent controls on pesticide usage, product safety, hygiene, and working conditions. We were determined to meet the evolving requirements of certification bodies and retailers alike.


By 2015, AS Green's packing site had achieved full accreditation, enabling us to label and dispatch products directly to customer depots. Responding to customer requests, we diversified our crop range while ensuring a steadfast focus on consistently supplying the finest heritage crops. In the same year, Tom Green, the fourth generation of the Green family, joined the company full-time following his graduation from Harper Adams University.


During the 1920s, the Green family, like many other growers in Worcestershire, supplied the bustling Birmingham wholesale markets. Transporting their bountiful produce primarily by rail, they played a significant role in meeting the demands of urban centers. It was during this time that the Green family's reputation for excellence began to flourish.



The 1980s brought sweeping changes to the retail landscape, with the rise of multiple retailers and a subsequent decline in wholesale market activity. To adapt to this shifting environment, AS Green and numerous other growers joined a marketing cooperative. This collaboration allowed us to leverage the cooperative's expertise in packing, selling, and distributing produce from smaller growers.


As the industry continued to evolve, demanding higher standards of quality and competitive pricing, only the most adaptable and skilled growers would survive. In the 1990s, AS Green forged a significant partnership with Waitrose, supplying their esteemed supermarkets through our cooperative supply chain. This relationship, spanning over three decades, is a testament to our commitment to delivering exceptional produce.


AS Green packhouse

A S Green today

Today, AS Green operates across more than 1000 acres of farmland spanning Herefordshire, Worcestershire, and Gloucestershire in the picturesque Three Counties region. However, our geographical reach extends beyond these borders. In 2017, we made the decision to become a year-round supplier rather than solely a seasonal one. To achieve this, we expanded our network to include suppliers in Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. These carefully selected partners share our unwavering commitment to quality and compliance with AS Green's rigorous standards. We maintain close working relationships with these suppliers, regularly visiting their facilities to ensure consistent adherence to our expectations.


Rookrow Farm
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