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Image by Ernesto Scarponi

Our Global Impact

Beyond our commitment to delivering quality fruits and vegetables, we take immense pride in the transformative journeys of our dedicated Kenyan workers. Within these few slides, discover the inspiring narratives of three individuals who have flourished since joining AS Green. From humble beginnings, they have evolved to not only build their own homes but also contribute to their villages by providing essential water sources and shelters for their families. These stories exemplify the positive impact that collaboration with AS Green has on the lives of our valued team members, reflecting our dedication to fostering growth and prosperity within our global community.


Harvest Supervisor

As the story goes, its not the departure from port, but the return home that determines the success of a voyage. Having worked for over 9 years in agricultural industry and achieved less than my expectation in Kenya, this is my second season At AS Green, and in my first season,  2022, I managed to buy the above piece of land which I couldn't have afforded in Kenya even after working for over 10 years.  This year, 2023, I managed to start my construction and its been managed by my wife, the building is inspiring and a hope to my kids. I planted white maize and got a good harvest. From the harvest,  I can feed my family the whole year and sell the surplus. The field is currently covered with dry beans, our main source of food. I can admit that not only did I achieve more financially, but I also learned more in terms of crop production and all the process involved. Its been a dream come true within a short period and wish to work with AS Green again and again. I would also wish to recommend anyone wishing to work in a busy, conducive and learning environment to consider working with AS Green.

Thanks and may God bless AS Green.


Where It All Started

I am Jacob,

I joined the fresh produce industry as a tractor driver and harvest supervisor. To me, it has been a successful journey as I have worked and learned may things around agriculture.

I was born and raised in a Tea Estate. My mother struggled to raise me and my siblings, she worked hard until her retirement,  but couldn't afford a land or a house. She was forced to stay in a rented house.

I came to the United Kingdom last year,  bought a piece of land and started a construction.  This is now our home. She is the happiest mother, having secured a place to call home gives her new life and new inspiration. We don't pay rent anymore and from the land we have daily vegetables and everything we need.  

I am planning to start a dairy farm in my homeland.

I will always be grateful to work at AS Green.


Harvest Supervisor / Tractor Driver



Tractor Driver


My name is Peter,

I was raised by my mother after my father passed away.

Life has never been easy,  starting to work at a younger age;

I have worked as a driver for over 25 years,  struggling to feed and educate my children.

A call came at the right time, when I was at my lowest point. I started the construction of my house last year and it has been a blessing for my family.

It has reduced the burden of paying rent,  and enabled me farm vegetables and goats for family use.

I have learnt more in terms of machines and I am not the same person who came to AS Green last year.

I am trying to construct a few flats for income generation from the end of this year.

I thank Mr. Green for the invitation and great support at work.

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